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When players reach a new region, the pre-evolutions (Baby Pokémon) of certain Pokémon can be obtained by breeding them in the Pokemon Day Care.

Chart of Baby Pokémon

In the table below, the adult Pokémon must be bred to obtain the respective Baby Pokémon. Bolded names indicate that breeding is the only way to get the Pokémon in their respective regions.

Baby Adult Unlock Location
Pichu.png Pichu Pikachu.png Pikachu Johto
Cleffa.png Cleffa Clefairy.png Clefairy
Igglybuff.png Igglybuff Jigglypuff.png Jigglypuff
Tyrogue.png Tyrogue Hitmonlee.png Hitmonlee
Hitmonchan.png Hitmonchan
Hitmontop.png Hitmontop
Smoochum.png Smoochum Jynx.png Jynx
Elekid.png Elekid Electabuzz.png Electabuzz
Magby.png Magby Magmar.png Magmar
Azurill.png Azurill Marill.png Marill Hoenn
Wynaut.png Wynaut Wobbuffet.png Wobbuffet
Budew.png Budew Roselia.png Roselia Sinnoh
Happiny.png Happiny Chansey.png Chansey
Munchlax.png Munchlax Snorlax.png Snorlax
Chingling.png Chingling Chimecho.png Chimecho
Phione.png Phione Manaphy.png Manaphy Sinnoh
Larvesta.png Larvesta Volcarona.png Volcarona Unova


Chart was given by Jenny