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Battle Items are common items used throughout gameplay to buff various player attributes. Each item boosts its corresponding parameter by 50% for 30 seconds per use. Buff duration can be extended indefinitely via multiple uses of the same item. In addition to being available in certain shops, the items can be obtained by opening chests in dungeons. Most of the items are also given as rewards for clearing certain stages in the Battle Frontier.

List of Battle Items

Outside of Kanto, all battle items can be found in the Pokémart shortcut that is unlocked after reaching Johto, LilyCove City (Hoenn), Veilstone City (Sinnoh), and Opelucid City (Unova).

Item Boosted parameter Kanto shop locations Cost Battle Frontier stage rewards
X Attack X Attack Pokémon attack Lavender Town 600 PokeCoin.png Stage 40
X Click X Click Click attack Saffron City, Viridian City 400 PokeCoin.png Stage 35
Lucky Egg Lucky Egg Experience gain Pewter City, Vermilion City, Fuchsia City 800 PokeCoin.png Stage 160
Token Collector Token Collector Dungeon Token DungeonToken.png gain Pewter City 1000 PokeCoin.png None
Item Magnet Item Magnet Chance of obtaining rare hold items from defeated Pokémon
Gives an additional 50% chance to duplicate items found in dungeon chests
Lavender Town 1500 PokeCoin.png Stage 180
Lucky Incense Lucky Incense Pokédollar PokeCoin.png gain 2000 PokeCoin.png Stage 170