Battle Points

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A Battle Point


The currency earned from the Battle Frontier.


There is a hidden multiplier called the Battle Multiplier that is determined by The last stage you've beaten divided by 100, but is at least 1. --> (StageBeaten / 100, 1) = battleMultiplier


Awarded Rate
Battle Points stageBeaten * battleMultiplier
Money stageBeaten * 100 * battleMultiplier


Used to buy items from the Battle Frontier Shop.

Battle Frontier Shop

Items available Starting price Price Increment Max Price
Ultraball 1 Battlepoints.png 0% Previous Price 1 Battlepoints.png
Masterball 500 Battlepoints.png 135% Previous Price 50000 Battlepoints.png
Small Restore 10 Battlepoints.png 0% Previous Price 10 Battlepoints.png
Medium Restore 20 Battlepoints.png 0% Previous Price 20 Battlepoints.png
Large Restore 40 Battlepoints.png 0% Previous Price 40 Battlepoints.png