Cell Battery

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Cell Battery
Bag Cell Battery Sprite.png
Artwork of the Cell Battery.
Effect More Passive Mining Energy Regen
Unique Pokémon Required 90

The Cell Battery is a type of Oak Item. When equipped, it increases the amount Mining Energy passively gained. The Cell Battery is unlocked after catching 90 unique Pokémon.


Level Effect Upgrade Requirement Upgrade Cost
0 x1.5 Energy Regen Amount 25 Mined Items 50,000 PokeCoin.png
1 x1.6 Energy Regen Amount 25 Mined Items 100,000 PokeCoin.png
2 x1.7 Energy Regen Amount 75 Mined Items 250,000 PokeCoin.png
3 x1.8 Energy Regen Amount 125 Mined Items 500,000 PokeCoin.png
4 x1.9 Energy Regen Amount 250 Mined Items 1,000,000 PokeCoin.png
5/Max x2.0 Energy Regen Amount N/A N/A