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So, you want to contribute code yourself like the fine folks on the list on the Main Page?
Please enjoy our unreasonably detailed and long guide on how to do exactly that!
Brought to you courtesy of (the amazing, wonderful, talented) Liczale who struggled to do this for almost 2 and a half hours!

  1. Install NodeJS
  2. Install Github for Desktop
  3. Go to the PokeClicker GitHub Website
  4. Click the Green button that says "Code"
  5. Copy the HTTPS brought up by the Code Button, by clicking the Clipboard Icon
  6. Open the GitHub for Desktop app
  7. Click "Clone a Repository from the Internet"
  8. Go to the "URL" tab and paste the HTTPS from the Code Button
  9. Add the Repository and wait for it to download
  10. Open the Repository Tab on the top of the screen in the Github for Desktop App
  11. Click "Open in Command Prompt"
    • On a Mac, this option will be called "Open in Terminal." Follow any instructions given in Terminal, then skip to step 15.
  12. Click "Open Without Git"
  13. Click "Open in CMD"
  14. Go to the opened instance of CMD
  15. Type `npm clean-install` and press Enter
  16. Once the Install is done type `npm start` and press Enter
  17. After doing that your internet browser should launch a local instance of PokéClicker
  18. Open File Explorer and navigate to the newly cloned directory
    • Alternatively you can go to repository in the GitHub menu and click on "Show in Explorer"
  19. Find and open any *.ts file you wish to edit
  20. If prompted, open with Notepad
  21. Make any changes you wish
    • To edit HTML files on a Mac, you may need to go into TextEdit preferences and make sure "Display HTML files as HTML code" is checked under the Open and Save tab
  22. Once you finish your changes hit Save
  23. Now go back to the CMD and type `npm run eslint-fix`
    • This should fix any issues with it, or it will point them out for you to fix.
    • If you're using Chrome, you can also check for errors by inspecting (right click -> Inspect) the local instance of Pokéclicker you launched earlier and looking at the Console tab
  24. Go back to the GitHub Desktop app
  25. In the bottom left put a summary of the changes in the box and hit the bottom left blue button
    • Github will recognize files marked for change
  26. Now you should be on the Main page, if so click the blue button that says "Push Origin"
  27. Fork the Repository when it asks you to
  28. Click "Contribute to Parent Project"
  29. Lastly click the button that says "View on GitHub"
  30. In your internet browser click "Pull Requests"
  31. Click the green "New Pull Request" Button
  32. Click "compare changes"
  33. Click "compare across forks"
  34. Press "Head Repository" select the option representing your fork
  35. Now hit the "Create Pull Request" button

Congratulations! You just finished your edits and published them for review! Please reach out to any of the authors found here