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#50 Colbur

Tiny hooks grow on the surface of this Berry. It latches on to Pokémon so it can be carried to far-off places. It has a tendency to overtake nearby plants.
Total Growth Time 7h 30m 0s
Harvest Amount 35 berries
Replant Rate 5%
Farm Points Gained 2300 FarmPoint.png
Berry Flavors
  • 0 spicy
  • 0 dry
  • 0 sweet
  • 10 bitter
  • 20 sour

Colbur is a type of Berry that can be planted in the Farm. It can be obtained by surrounding an empty plot with at least 1 Rabuta, at least 1 Kasib and at least 1 Payapa.

Growth Tables

Growth Stages

Sprout Taller Bloom Berry
Time passed since planting 48 mins 2 hours 48 mins 5 hours 24 mins 7 hours 30 mins - 15 hours

Ripening Time with Modifiers

Modifier Ripe-Wither Time Boost Mulch Needed to Ripen
None 7 hours 30 mins -
15 hours
Mulch or Sprayduck 5 hours -
10 hours
60 mulch
Mulch & Sprayduck 3 hours 20 mins -
6 hours 40 mins
40 mulch

Mutation Strategy

Possible Planting Formations

You can fill your farm in the following way to obtain Colbur berries. Purple squares indicate where mutations can occur.

Rabuta.png Rabuta Rabuta.png Rabuta
Kasib.png Kasib Payapa.png Payapa Kasib.png Kasib Payapa.png Payapa
Rabuta.png Rabuta Rabuta.png Rabuta
Kasib.png Kasib Payapa.png Payapa Kasib.png Kasib Payapa.png Payapa

Timing Table

All planting times use the time-to-ripe remaining of the first planted berry for subsequent planting times
Berry Planting Time with
No Modifier
Planting Time with
Mulch or Sprayduck
Planting Time with
Mulch & Sprayduck
Payapa - - -
Rabuta 3 hours 24 mins until ripe 2 hours 16 mins until ripe 1 hour 30 mins 40 secs
Kasib 5 mins until ripe 3 mins 20 secs until ripe 2 mins 13 secs

Important Notes

Kasib berries will speed up the wither rates of all Rabuta and Payapa berries on the farm. The amount of time that Boost Mulch and the Sprayduck are active on the former two berries should be minimized to prevent excessive withering by the Kasib berry. However, the long wither times of both Rabuta and Payapa should prevent this potential Kasib withering increase from being an issue.



Colbur berries can be used to mutate the following berries.

Used In With
Petaya.png Petaya Occa.png Occa Passho.png Passho
Wacan.png Wacan Rindo.png Rindo
Yache.png Yache Chople.png Chople
Kebia.png Kebia Shuca.png Shuca
Coba.png Coba Payapa.png Payapa
Tanga.png Tanga Charti.png Charti
Kasib.png Kasib Haban.png Haban
Babiri.png Babiri Chilan.png Chilan
Roseli.png Roseli