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Diamonds are currency that can be obtained in the Underground by selling certain items. They have uses both in and out of the Underground.

A Diamond


To maximize Diamond gain, study the Daily Deals in the Underground and trade upwards to get items that are worth more. Heart Scales can be sold immediately since there is nothing more valuable (as of 0.5.7).

Item Value
Heart Scale Heart Scale 10 Diamond.svg
Odd Keystone Odd Keystone 6 Diamond.svg
Star Piece Star Piece 5 Diamond.svg
Hard Stone Hard Stone 4 Diamond.svg
Max Revive Max Revive
Oval Stone Oval Stone 3 Diamond.svg
Everstone Everstone
Rare Bone Rare Bone
Smooth Rock Smooth Rock 2 Diamond.svg
Damp Rock Damp Rock
Iron Ball Iron Ball
Light Clay Light Clay
Icy Rock Icy Rock
Revive Revive
Heat Rock Heat Rock


Mining Upgrades

Upgrade Effect/lvl Max Lvl Cost Total Cost Max Effect Total at Max Lvl
Max Energy +10 Energy 10 50*lvl 2,750 Diamond.svg +100 Max Energy 150 Max Energy
Max Items +1 Item 4 200*lvl 2,000 Diamond.svg +4 Max Items 7 Max Items (8 with Larger Underground Upgrade)
Min Items +1 Item 4 500+1500*lvl 11,000 Diamond.svg +4 Min Items 5 Min Items
Energy Restored +1 Energy 17 100*lvl 15,300 Diamond.svg +17 Energy Restored 20 Energy Restored
Energy Regen Time -1 second 20 20*lvl 4,200 Diamond.svg -20 Seconds 40 Seconds per Restore
Daily Deals +1 Deal 2 150*lvl 450 Diamond.svg +2 Daily Deals 5 Daily Deals
Bomb Efficiency +2 5 50*lvl 750 Diamond.svg +10 Bomb Efficiency 20 Bomb Efficiency
Survey Cost -1 5 50*lvl 750 Diamond.svg -1 Survey Cost Survey Cost 10
Survey Efficiency +1 4 100*lvl 1000 Diamond.svg +1 Survey Efficiency 5 Survey Efficiency
Larger Underground, +1 Max Item +1 1 3,000 3,000 Diamond.svg +1 Underground Size, +1 Max Items +1 Underground Size, +1 Max Items


Shops available Starting price Price Increment Max Price
Indigo Plateau Kanto
Indigo Plateau Johto
Pokémon League Hoenn
Pokémon League Sinnoh
Pokémon League Kalos
50 Diamond.svg 135% previous price 5000 Diamond.svg

Related Achievements

Name Requirement Income bonus
Bling Obtain 100 Diamond.svg +0.32%
Bling x10! Obtain 1000 Diamond.svg +0.97%
If you like it, you should've
put a ring on it.
Obtain 10,000 Diamond.svg +1.61%