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Left: the Johto Dock on the Town Map, represented by the brown rectangle.
Right: the Regional Travel menu (from Sinnoh)

Docks are locations that allow travel to other Regions. They can be used upon reaching the associated city, with the exception of the Kanto Dock, which is unlocked alongside its Johto counterpart, since no other regions that can be visited before that point.


Regions Dock location
Kanto Vermilion City (between Routes 6, 11)
Johto Olivine City (between Routes 39, 40)
Hoenn Slateport City (intersection of Routes 109, 110, 134)
Sinnoh Canalave City (Route 218)
Unova Castelia City (between Route 4 and Skyarrow Bridge)
Kalos Coumarine City (intersection of Routes 12, 13, A.B.