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Dungeons include forests, caves, buildings, and other places that are accessible by spending Dungeon Tokens in which wild Pokémon are encountered. Apart from the entrance fee, they differ from routes in that only 60 seconds are given to find and defeat a "Boss Pokémon" or "Boss Trainer", after which the dungeon is considered cleared.

How to clear

Clearing Dungeons requires active play. To enter a dungeon, select it on the Town Map and either click "Start" or press the Spacebar on the keyboard. Dungeons can be navigated either by clicking on the dungeon tiles or by using the arrow keys or WASD keys. Moving to undiscovered tiles in dungeons can reveal one of 4 things:

  1. Empty tiles - You can simply move onto next tile without having to do anything.
  2. A Wild Pokémon - Just like routes, these are Pokémon you can defeat and catch. Some Pokémon can only be found in specific dungeons.
  3. Dungeon boss - This Pokémon must be defeated to clear the dungeon. It has more HP than normal encounters in any dungeon. You can either click "Start Bossfight" or press the Spacebar to start the fight.
  4. A chest - Battle Items can be collected from chests by clicking on them or by pressing the Spacebar. Additionally, when 2 chests in the same dungeon are opened, all chest tiles are revealed. When 4 chests are opened, the entire dungeon is revealed, but each chest opened will also increase the HP of all encounters in the dungeon by 20%.
  5. A trainer - Trainers are found on tiles and have teams of Pokémon that must all be defeated to progress. Wild Pokémon are 4 times more likely to appear on an enemy tile than a trainer. Defeating trainers yields the following rewards:
    • Dungeon Trainer Pokémon reward 2% of the dungeon cost as dungeon tokens whenever they are defeated.
    • Dungeon Trainers reward 50% of the dungeon cost as Money when defeated.
    • Dungeon Trainer Boss Pokémon reward 5% of the dungeon cost as dungeon tokens whenever they are defeated.
    • Dungeon Trainers Bosses reward 100% of the dungeon cost as Money when defeated.

Dungeon locations


Dungeons in Kanto are 5x5 in size (25 tiles in total), contain 5 chests, 13 non-boss encounters, and 6 empty tiles.

Kanto Dungeons
Name Location Entry Price Boss Pokémon Boss Trainer
Viridian Forest Kanto Route 2 50 DungeonToken.png Pikachu.pngPikachu Bug Catcher.png Bug Catcher Sammy (Weedle.png)
Mt. Moon Between Kanto Route 3 & 4 75 DungeonToken.png Kabuto.pngKabuto & Omanyte.pngOmanyte Super Nerd.png Super Nerd Miguel (Grimer.png,Voltorb.png, Koffing.png)
Digletts Cave Kanto Route 2 95 DungeonToken.png Dugtrio.pngDugtrio
Rock Tunnel Between Kanto Route 9 & 10 500 DungeonToken.png Onix.pngOnix Picnicker.png Picnicker Ariana (Pidgey.png,Rattata.png, Rattata.png,Bellsprout.png)
Pokémon Tower Lavender Town 750 DungeonToken.png Marowak.pngMarowak
Power Plant Kanto Route 10 1,000 DungeonToken.png Electabuzz.pngElectabuzz & Zapdos.pngZapdos
Seafoam Islands Between Kanto Route 19 & 20 1,250 DungeonToken.png Seel.pngSeel & Articuno.pngArticuno
Pokémon Mansion Cinnabar Island 1,500 DungeonToken.png Magmar.pngMagmar
Victory Road Kanto Route 23 2,000 DungeonToken.png Machoke.pngMachoke & Moltres.pngMoltres Cool Couple.png Cool Couple Ray & Tyra (Nidoking.png,Nidoqueen.png)
Cerulean Cave Cerulean City 2,500 DungeonToken.png Rhydon.pngRhydon & Mewtwo.pngMewtwo


Dungeons in Johto are 6x6 in size (36 tiles in total), contain 6 chests, 15 non-boss encounters, and 14 empty tiles.

Johto Dungeons
Name Location Entry Price Boss Pokémon
Sprout Tower Johto Route 31 2,500 DungeonToken.png Bellsprout.pngBellsprout
Ruins of Alph Johto Route 32 3,000 DungeonToken.png Unown (A).pngUnown A, Unown (F).pngUnown F, Unown (H).pngUnown H, Unown (L).pngUnown L, Unown (N).pngUnown N, Unown (P).pngUnown P & Unown (U).pngUnown U
Union Cave Johto Route 32 3,000 DungeonToken.png Wooper.pngWooper
Slowpoke Well Azalea Town 3,500 DungeonToken.png Slowbro.pngSlowbro
Ilex Forest Johto Route 34 4,000 DungeonToken.png Butterfree.pngButterfree, Noctowl.pngNoctowl, Beedrill.pngBeedrill & Celebi.pngCelebi (requires being Johto Champion)
Burned Tower Johto Route 38 4,500 DungeonToken.png Golbat.pngGolbat, Weezing.pngWeezing, Shuckle.pngShuckle
Tin Tower Johto Route 38 4,500 DungeonToken.png Haunter.pngHaunter, Raticate.pngRaticate, Ho-Oh.pngHo-Oh (requires Entei, Raikou and Suicune to be caught)
Whirl Islands Johto Route 41 5,000 DungeonToken.png Dewgong.pngDewgong, Kingler.pngKingler, Lugia.pngLugia
Mt Mortar Johto Route 42 5,500 DungeonToken.png Tyrogue.pngTyrogue
Ice Path Between Johto Route 44 & 45 6,000 DungeonToken.png Delibird.pngDelibird
Dark Cave Between Johto Route 45 & 46 6,500 DungeonToken.png Dunsparce.pngDunsparce
Mt Silver Johto Route 28 10,000 DungeonToken.png Larvitar.pngLarvitar


Dungeons in Hoenn are 7x7 in size (49 tiles in total), contain 7 chests, 17 non-boss encounters, and 24 empty tiles.

Hoenn Dungeons
Name Location Entry Price Boss Pokémon Boss Trainer
Petalburg Woods Hoenn Route 104 12,000 DungeonToken.png Slakoth.pngSlakoth Team Aqua Grunt (male).pngTeam Aqua Grunt (Poochyena.png)
Rusturf Tunnel Hoenn Route 116 14,000 DungeonToken.png
Team Aqua Grunt (male).pngTeam Aqua Grunt (Poochyena.png)
Granite Cave Hoenn Route 106 16,000 DungeonToken.png Nosepass.pngNosepass & Mawile.pngMawile
Fiery Path Hoenn Route 112 17,000 DungeonToken.png Torkoal.pngTorkoal
Meteor Falls Between Hoenn Route 115 & 114 18,000 DungeonToken.png Solrock.pngSolrock & Lunatone.pngLunatone Dragon Tamer.png Dragon Tamer Nicolas (Altaria.png,Altaria.png)
Mt. Chimney Hoenn Route 112 20,000 DungeonToken.png
Magma Leader.png Magma Leader Maxie (Mightyena.png,Zubat.png,Camerupt.png)
Jagged Pass Hoenn Route 112 22,000 DungeonToken.png Machop.pngMachop, Numel.pngNumel & Spoink.pngSpoink Team Magma Grunt (male).png Team Magma Grunt (Mightyena.png,Zubat.png)
New Mauville Hoenn Route 118 24,000 DungeonToken.png Magneton.pngMagneton & Electrode.pngElectrode
Weather Institute Hoenn Route 119 26,000 DungeonToken.png
Aqua Admin (shelly).png Aqua Admin Shelly (Carvanha.png,Mightyena.png)
Mt. Pyre Hoenn Route 122 28,000 DungeonToken.png Shuppet.pngShuppet, Duskull.pngDuskull & Chimecho.pngChimecho
Magma Hideout Hoenn Route 112 29,000 DungeonToken.png
Magma Leader.png Magma Leader Maxie (Mightyena.png,Crobat.png,Camerupt.png)
Aqua Hideout Hoenn Route 124 30,000 DungeonToken.png
Aqua Admin (matt).png Aqua Admin Matt (Mightyena.png,Golbat.png)
Shoal Cave Hoenn Route 125 30,000 DungeonToken.png Snorunt.pngSnorunt
Cave of Origin Hoenn Route 126 34,000 DungeonToken.png Exploud.pngExploud, Kyogre.pngKyogre & Groudon.pngGroudon
Seafloor Cavern Hoenn Route 128 32,000 DungeonToken.png
Aqua Leader.png Aqua Leader Archie (Mightyena.png,Crobat.png,Sharpedo.png)
Sky Pillar Hoenn Route 131 34,000 DungeonToken.png Dusclops.pngDusclops & Rayquaza.pngRayquaza
Sealed Chamber Hoenn Route 134 36,000 DungeonToken.png Regirock.pngRegirock, Regice.pngRegice & Registeel.pngRegisteel
Victory Road Hoenn Before Pokémon League Hoenn 37,000 DungeonToken.png
PKMN Trainer (wally).png PKMN Trainer Wally (Altaria.png,Delcatty.png,Roselia.png,Magneton.png,Gardevoir.png)


Dungeons in Sinnoh are 8x8 in size (64 tiles in total), contain 8 chests, 19 non-boss encounters, and 36 empty tiles.

Sinnoh Dungeons
Name Location Entry Price Boss Pokémon
Oreburgh Gate Sinnoh Route 203 39,000 DungeonToken.png Gyarados.pngGyarados & Whiscash.pngWhiscash
Ravaged Path Sinnoh Route 204 43,000 DungeonToken.png Gyarados.pngGyarados & Whiscash.pngWhiscash
Eterna Forest Sinnoh Route 205 48,000 DungeonToken.png Beautifly.pngBeautifly & Dustox.pngDustox
Old Chateau Sinnoh Route 205 52,500 DungeonToken.png Rotom.pngRotom & 5 Rotom Forms Rotom (heat).pngRotom (fan).pngRotom (frost).pngRotom (wash).pngRotom (mow).png (requires Rotom to be caught)
Wayward Cave Sinnoh Route 206 56,500 DungeonToken.png Bronzor.pngBronzor
Mt. Coronet South Between Sinnoh Route 207 & 208 60,500 DungeonToken.png Machoke.pngMachoke, Bronzong.pngBronzong & Absol.pngAbsol
Solaceon Ruins Off Route 209, east of Solaceon Town 62,500 DungeonToken.png Unown (A).pngUnown A, Unown (E).pngUnown E, Unown (L).pngUnown L, Unown (N).pngUnown N & Unown (U).pngUnown U
Iron Island Left of Sinnoh Route 205 66,500 DungeonToken.png Steelix.pngSteelix
Mt. Coronet North Sinnoh Route 216 69,500 DungeonToken.png Graveler.pngGraveler, Feebas.pngFeebas & Medicham.pngMedicham
Lake Verity Sinnoh Route 201 72,500 DungeonToken.png Golduck.pngGolduck & Seaking.pngSeaking
Lake Valor Betwenn Sinnoh Route 213 & 214 74,500 DungeonToken.png Noctowl.pngNoctowl & Azelf.pngAzelf
Lake Acuity Sinnoh Route 217 78,000 DungeonToken.png Gyarados.pngGyarados & Uxie.pngUxie
Distortion World Sinnoh Route 214 82,500 DungeonToken.png Dusclops.pngDusclops, Bronzong.pngBronzong & Giratina (altered).pngGiratina (altered)
Victory Road Sinnoh Sinnoh Route 223 86,500 DungeonToken.png Rhydon.pngRhydon, Steelix.pngSteelix & Gabite.pngGabite
Spear Pillar Between Sinnoh Route 211 & 210 96,500 DungeonToken.png Palkia.pngPalkia & Dialga.pngDialga
Flower Paradise Sinnoh Route 224 96,500 DungeonToken.png Venusaur.pngVenusaur, Meganium.pngMeganium, Shaymin (land).pngShaymin (Land) & Shaymin (sky).pngShaymin (Sky)
Stark Mountain Sinnoh Route 227 96,500 DungeonToken.png Skarmory.pngSkarmory, Heatran.pngHeatran
Snowpoint Temple Sinnoh Route 217 96,500 DungeonToken.png Regigigas.pngRegigigas & Jynx.pngJynx
Fullmoon Island Left of Sinnoh Route 217 96,500 DungeonToken.png Clefable.pngClefable
Newmoon Island Left of Sinnoh Route 217 96,500 DungeonToken.png Darkrai.pngDarkrai
Hall of Origin Between Sinnoh Route 211 & 210 106,500 DungeonToken.png Slaking.pngSlaking, Snorlax.pngSnorlax, Shuckle.pngShuckle, Blissey.pngBlissey & Arceus.pngArceus (Normal)


Dungeons in Unova are 9x9 in size (81 tiles in total), contain 9 chests, 21 non-boss encounters, and 50 empty tiles.

Unova Dungeons
Name Location Entry Price Boss Pokémon Boss Trainer
Pledge Grove Between Unova Route 19 & 20 106,500 DungeonToken.png Keldeo (Resolute).pngKeldeo (Resolute)
Floccesy Ranch Unova Route 20 126,500 DungeonToken.png Riolu.pngRiolu
Liberty Garden Below Unova Route 20 136,500 DungeonToken.png Victini.pngVictini, Ninetales.pngNinetales & Alakazam.pngAlakazam
Castelia Sewers Castelia City 146,500 DungeonToken.png
Team Plasma Grunt (male).png Team Plasma Grunt (Sandile.png) & Team Plasma Grunt (female).png Team Plasma Grunt (Scraggy.png)
Relic Passage Unova Route D.R. 156,500 DungeonToken.png Onix.pngOnix & Drilbur.pngDrilbur
Relic Castle Unova Route D.R. 166,500 DungeonToken.png Baltoy.pngBaltoy & Volcarona.pngVolcarona Psychic (male).png Psychic Perry (Sigilyph.png)
Lostlorn Forest Unova Route 16 176,500 DungeonToken.png Heracross.pngHeracross, Pinsir.pngPinsir & Emolga.pngEmolga
Chargestone Cave Unova Route 6 186,500 DungeonToken.png Drilbur.pngDrilbur & Tynamo.pngTynamo Ace Trainer (female).png Ace Trainer Mary (Tirtouga.png,Magmar.png) & Ace Trainer (male).png Ace Trainer Shaye (Archen.png,Electabuzz.png)
Mistralton Cave Unova Route 6 196,500 DungeonToken.png Drilbur.pngDrilbur, Axew.pngAxew & Cobalion.pngCobalion
Celestial Tower Unova Route 7 206,500 DungeonToken.png Litwick.pngLitwick Psychic (male).png Psychic Bryce (Elgyem.png,Duosion.png) & Psychic (female).png Psychic Sarah (Yamask.png,Gothorita.png)
Reversal Mountain Unova Route 14 226,500 DungeonToken.png Cacturne.pngCacturne, Excadrill.pngExcadrill & Heatran.pngHeatran
Team Plasma Assault Opelucid City 241,500 DungeonToken.png
Team Plasma (zinzolin).png Team Plasma Zinzolin (Cryogonal.png,Cryogonal.png,Weavile.png)
Seaside Cave Unova Route 21 246,500 DungeonToken.png Eelektrik.pngEelektrik & Crustle.pngCrustle
Team Plasma Frigate East of Seaside Cave 257,500 DungeonToken.png
Team Plasma (zinzolin).png Team Plasma Zinzolin (Cryogonal.png,Cryogonal.png,Weavile.png)
Giant Chasm Unova Route 22 266,500 DungeonToken.png Tangrowth.pngTangrowth, Audino.pngAudino, Mamoswine.pngMamoswine & Kyurem.pngKyurem Team Plasma (ghetsis).png Team Plasma Ghetsis (Cofagrigus.png,Seismitoad.png,Eelektross.png,Drapion.png,Toxicroak.png,Hydreigon.png)
Cave of Being Right below Unova Route 20 286,500 DungeonToken.png Azelf.pngAzelf, Mesprit.pngMesprit & Uxie.pngUxie
Abundant Shrine Unova Route 14 306,500 DungeonToken.png Bronzong.pngBronzong, Altaria.pngAltaria & Landorus.pngLandorus
Victory Road Unova Unova Route 23 326,500 DungeonToken.png Golurk.pngGolurk, Terrakion.pngTerrakion, Audino.pngAudino & Druddigon.pngDruddigon
Twist Mountain Unova Route 7 356,500 DungeonToken.png Durant.pngDurant, Cryogonal.pngCryogonal, Heatmor.pngHeatmor & Regigigas.pngRegigigas
Dragonspiral Tower Unova Route 7 356,500 DungeonToken.png Dragonite.pngDragonite, Reshiram.pngReshiram, Druddigon.pngDruddigon & Zekrom.pngZekrom
Moor of Icirrus Unova Route 8 356,500 DungeonToken.png Keldeo.pngKeldeo, Seismitoad.pngSeismitoad & Whiscash.pngWhiscash
Pinwheel Forest Before Unova Route 3 356,500 DungeonToken.png Scolipede.pngScolipede, Seismitoad.pngSeismitoad & Virizion.pngVirizion
Dreamyard Between Unova Route 3 & 4 356,500 DungeonToken.png Audino.pngAudino, Dunsparce.pngDunsparce, Latias.pngLatias & Latios.pngLatios
P2 Laboratory Unova Route 18 396,500 DungeonToken.png Escavalier.pngEscavalier, Porygon-Z.pngPorygon-Z, Genesect.pngGenesect, Porygon.pngPorygon, Audino.pngAudino, Mawile.pngMawile & Sableye.pngSableye Team Plasma (colress).png Team Plasma Colress (Magneton.png,Rotom (wash).png,Metagross.png,Beheeyem.png,Magnezone.png,Klinklang.png)


Dungeons in Kalos are 10x10 in size (100 tiles in total), contain 10 chests, 23 non-boss encounters, and 77 empty tiles.

Kalos Dungeons
Name Location Entry Price Boss Pokémon Boss Trainer
Santalune Forest Between Kalos Route 2 & 3 400,000 DungeonToken.png Pikachu.pngPikachu Lass.png Lass Lise (Weedle.png,Bunnelby.png)
Parfum Palace Kalos Route 6 445,000 DungeonToken.png Furfrou.pngFurfrou
Connecting Cave Between Cyllage City & Kalos Routes 7 & 8 475,000 DungeonToken.png Axew.pngAxew Pokémon Breeder (female).png Pokémon Breeder Mercy (Ducklett.png,Pikachu.png,Litleo.png,Oddish.png)
Glittering Cave Kalos Route 9 505,000 DungeonToken.png Kangaskhan.pngKangaskhan & Mawile.pngMawile 30px Team Flare Grunt Duo (Scraggy.png,Croagunk.png)
Reflection Cave Between Route 11 and Shalour City 555,000 DungeonToken.png Diancie.pngDiancie Ace Trainer (male).png Ace Trainer Emil (Absol.png,Pinsir.png) & Ace Trainer (female).png Ace Trainer Monique (Doduo.png,Granbull.png,Helioptile.png)
Kalos Power Plant Kalos Route 13 575,000 DungeonToken.png Volcanion.pngVolcanion 30px Team Flare Aliana (Mightyena.png)
Sea Spirit's Den Azure Bay 600,000 DungeonToken.png Lugia.pngLugia
Pokéball Factory Laverre City 615,000 DungeonToken.png
Team Flare Celosia.png Team Flare Celosia (Manectric.png) & Team Flare Bryony.png Team Flare Bryony (Liepard.png)
Lost Hotel Kalos Route 15 635,000 DungeonToken.png Rotom.pngRotom Punk Couple.png Punk Couple Zoya & Asa (Garbodor.png,Pangoro.png)
Frost Cavern Kalos Route 15 665,500 DungeonToken.png Abomasnow.pngAbomasnow Team Flare Mable.png Team Flare Mable (Houndoom.png)
Team Flare Secret HQ Geosenge Town 675,000 DungeonToken.png Xerneas.pngXerneas & Yveltal.pngYveltal Team Flare Lysandre.png Team Flare Lysandre (Mienshao.png,Honchkrow.png,Pyroar.png,Gyarados.png)
Terminus Cave Kalos Route 18 700,000 DungeonToken.png Zygarde.pngZygarde Pokémon Rangers.png Pokémon Rangers Fern & Lee (Nidoqueen.png,Nidoking.png)
Pokémon Village Kalos Route 20 725,000 DungeonToken.png Ditto.pngDitto & Zoroark.pngZoroark
Victory Road Kalos Between Kalos Routes 21 & 22 750,500 DungeonToken.png
Ace Trainer (female).png Ace Trainer Michele (Magcargo.png), Veteran (male).png Veteran Timeo (Trevenant.png,Gigalith.png), Veteran (female).png Veteran Catrina (Glaceon.png, Snorlax.png), & Veteran (male).png Veteran Gilles (Skarmory.png,Umbreon.png,Alakazam.png),


To complete all dungeon achievements, you would need following amount of Dungeon tokens

Region 1 Time 10 Times 100 Times 1000 Times
Kanto 9,720 DungeonToken.png 97,200 DungeonToken.png 972,000 DungeonToken.png 9,720,000 DungeonToken.png
Johto 58,000 DungeonToken.png 580,000 DungeonToken.png 5,800,000 DungeonToken.png 58,000,000 DungeonToken.png
Hoenn 371,000 DungeonToken.png 3,710,000 DungeonToken.png 37,100,000 DungeonToken.png 371,000,000 DungeonToken.png
Sinnoh 1,515,000 DungeonToken.png 15,150,000 DungeonToken.png 151,500,000 DungeonToken.png 1,515,000,000 DungeonToken.png
Unova 5,296,500 DungeonToken.png 52,965,000 DungeonToken.png 529,650,000 DungeonToken.png 5,296,500,000 DungeonToken.png
Kalos 8,321,000 DungeonToken.png 83,210,000 DungeonToken.png 832,100,000 DungeonToken.png 8,321,000,000 DungeonToken.png
Total 15,571,220 DungeonToken.png 155,712,200 DungeonToken.png 1,557,122,000 DungeonToken.png 15,571,220,000 DungeonToken.png