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#67 Enigma

A completely enigmatic Berry. It apparently has the power of the stars that fill the night sky.
Total Growth Time 1d
Harvest Amount 0.5 berries
Replant Rate 0%
Farm Points Gained 15,000 FarmPoint.png
Berry Flavors
  • 40 spicy
  • 10 dry
  • 0 sweet
  • 0 bitter
  • 0 sour

Enigma is a type of Berry that can be planted in the Farm. It can be obtained by linking your game to a Discord account, obtaining 4 different hints from the Kanto Berry Master and surrounding an empty plot with berries according to those hints.

Growth Tables

Growth Stages

Sprout Taller Bloom Berry
Time passed since planting 3 hours 6 hours 12 hours 1 day - 7 days

Ripening Time with Modifiers

Modifier Ripe-Wither Time Boost Mulch Needed to Ripen
None 1 day -
7 days
Mulch or Sprayduck 16 hours -
4 days 16 hours
1,344 mulch
Mulch & Sprayduck 10 hours 40 mins -
3 days 2 hours 40 mins
896 mulch

Mutation Strategy

Possible Planting Formations

You can fill your farm in the following way to obtain Enigma berries. As the berries needed to be planted are unique to each save file, a general diagram is used here to describe where particular "hinted" berries should go. Purple squares indicate where mutations can occur.

North Hint
West Hint East Hint
South Hint North Hint
West Hint East Hint
South Hint

Additional Mutations

Planting Enigma berries next to certain other berries will cause them to mutate. For all of these mutations, the goal berry must already be unlocked for the mutation to occur.

Original Berry Mutated Berry
Passho.png Passho Liechi.png Liechi
Shuca.png Shuca Ganlon.png Ganlon
Coba.png Coba Salac.png Salac
Payapa.png Payapa Petaya.png Petaya
Chilan.png Chilan Apicot.png Apicot*
Roseli.png Roseli Lansat.png Lansat*
Haban.png Haban Starf.png Starf

(*These berries cannot be unlocked currently, and as such cannot be mutated into using this strategy.)