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Events are limited-time durations in which players are given the chance to capture unique Pokémon. Events usually occur in conjunction with real-world holidays (e.g. Halloween, Christmas), or coincide with the anniversary of important events in the Pokémon franchise (e.g. release of the first movie, release of Pokémon GO). In most cases, the special Pokémon are added to region Roamer pools.

List of Events

Event Unlock Time Event Pokémon Where to find event Pokémon Other Pokémon
Flying Pikachu July 6 - 12 Flying Pikachu.png Flying Pikachu Added as Roaming Pokémon in Kanto
Armored Mewtwo July 18 - 24 Armored Mewtwo.pngArmored Mewtwo Armored Mewtwo added as rare spawn in Cerulean Cave
Bulbasaur (clone).pngBulbasaur (clone) Clone Pokémon added as roaming Pokémon in Kanto
Charmander (clone).pngCharmander (clone)
Squirtle (clone).pngSquirtle (clone)
Halloween Oct 30 - Nov 5 Spooky Bulbasaur.pngSpooky Bulbasaur Added to all Kanto Route Pokémon pools Gastly.png Gastly added to all Kanto Route Pokémon pools
Spooky Togepi.pngSpooky Togepi Added to Johto Route Pokémon pools Misdreavus.png Misdreavus added to all Johto Route Pokémon pools
Pikachu(Gengar).pngPikachu (Gengar) Added to Hoenn Route Pokémon pools Shuppet.png,Duskull.png Shuppet and Duskull added to all Hoenn Route Pokémon pools
Let's GO! November 16-23 Let's Go Eevee.pngLet's Go Eevee Added as Roaming Pokémon in Kanto
Let's Go Pikachu.pngLet's Go Pikachu
Christmas Dec 24 - 30 Santa Snorlax.pngSanta Snorlax Added as Roaming Pokémon in all Regions

Suggestions for New Events

We are always looking for new ideas for events to be implemented in the future. Suggestions can be submitted on the Pokéclicker Discord.