Explosive Charge

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Explosive Charge
Artwork of the Explosive Charge.
Effect Automatically damages tiles upon moving to a new Underground layer
Unique Pokémon Required 0 (Bought at Cinnabar Island in Kanto for 5,000 QuestPoint.png)

The Explosive Charge is a type of Oak Item. When equipped, it causes new mining layers in the Underground to start with damaged tiles. Any tiles it affects have a single layer removed. Unlike most other Oak Items, it is not unlocked by capturing unique Pokémon and instead can be bought from the Cinnabar Island shop in Kanto.


For this Oak Item, skipping layers in the Underground counts as gaining progress toward the next level.

Level Effect Upgrade Requirement Upgrade Cost
0 2 tiles damaged Dig deeper 10 times 50,000 PokeCoin.png
1 4 tiles damaged Dig deeper 10 times 100,000 PokeCoin.png
2 7 tiles damaged Dig deeper 30 times 400,000 PokeCoin.png
3 11 tiles damaged Dig deeper 50 times 1,000,000 PokeCoin.png
4 15 tiles damaged Dig deeper 100 times 2,000,000 PokeCoin.png
5/Max 20 tiles damaged N/A N/A