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The Farm interface, with multiple berries planted.

The Farm is a location in Kanto where Berries can be planted. Harvesting them yields Farming Points FarmPoint.png and more of the same type of Berry. Occasionally, mutations can occur when berries are planted in certain configurations. The Farm is unlocked upon unlocking Route 14 of Kanto and obtaining the Wailmer pail.

One of the quests that can appear involves harvesting a random amount of a certain type of Berry.


For a breakdown of harvest yields, flavors, and mutation configurations for the various types of Berries, consult the Berries page.

Before completing Kanto, the Farm can be accessed by clicking on its location on the map between Routes 14 and Route 15, but upon reaching Johto, it becomes available in the Shortcuts dropdown list.

The eight base Berries are dropped by defeated Pokémon at random on routes. They can be planted by selecting the desired type in the left-hand column and clicking on plots in the field on the right. Alternatively, the "Plant All" button can be clicked to plant the selected Berry in every empty plot.

Depending on the type of Berry planted, different lengths of time have to pass before they can be harvested. Individual plots can be clicked to be harvested, or the "Harvest All" button may be pressed to harvest every plot ready for harvesting.

When Berry plants become ripe, they will die after a set period of time if not harvested. When this happens, only a fraction of the harvest is obtained, and there is a chance they will replant themselves, spawning a plant of the same berry in that plot. This chance can be augmented by using the Sprinklotad Oak Item.

Special Berries can be obtained by planting other Berries in special configurations. The Kanto Berry Master in Cerulean City gives hints as to these configurations. The chance for mutations to occur can be augmented by the Squirtbottle Oak Item.

Mulch and Berry Shovel can be bought in Goldenrod City (Johto), Mauville City (Hoenn), Hearthome City (Sinnoh). Mulch can be applied to growing Berry plants to speed up growth, increase harvest yield, increase mutation chance, or all of the above with reduced effect. Berry Shovels can be used to free up occupied plots.


Extra plots can be unlocked by spending Farming Points and Berries to allow more Berries to grow simultaneously, up to a maximum of 25. The table below displays the cost to unlock each plot corresponding to the 5x5 grid of plots in the Farm.

220 Kelpsy Kelpsy.png
4840 FarmPoint.png
170 Mago Mago.png
2890 FarmPoint.png
90 Persim Persim.png
810 FarmPoint.png
130 Wepear Wepear.png
1690 FarmPoint.png
230 Qualot Qualot.png
5290 FarmPoint.png
160 Wiki Wiki.png
2560 FarmPoint.png
50 Aspear Aspear.png
250 FarmPoint.png
10 Cheri Cheri.png
10 FarmPoint.png
60 Leppa Leppa.png
360 FarmPoint.png
180 Aguav Aguav.png
3240 FarmPoint.png
120 Nanab Nanab.png
1440 FarmPoint.png
40 Rawst Rawst.png
160 FarmPoint.png
Free Plot 20 Chesto Chesto.png
40 FarmPoint.png
100 Razz Razz.png
1000 FarmPoint.png
210 Pomeg Pomeg.png
4410 FarmPoint.png
80 Sitrus Sitrus.png
640 FarmPoint.png
30 Pecha Pecha.png
90 FarmPoint.png
70 Oran Oran.png
490 FarmPoint.png
140 Pinap Pinap.png
1960 FarmPoint.png
250 Grepa Grepa.png
6250 FarmPoint.png
150 Figy Figy.png
2250 FarmPoint.png
110 Bluk Bluk.png
1210 FarmPoint.png
190 Iapapa Iapapa.png
3610 FarmPoint.png
240 Hondew Hondew.png
5760 FarmPoint.png