Farm Items

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Left: Berry Master shop
Right: Farm items menu in Farm

Farm items are various items usable on the Farm to help with growing, harvesting, and mutating Berries. These can be bought from the Berry Masters of any Region from Johto onwards using Farm points FarmPoint.png.


Farm Items
Name Price Description
Boost Mulch.png Boost Mulch
50 FarmPoint.png
Increases berry growth rate by 50% when applied to an occupied plot
Rich Mulch.png Rich Mulch 100 FarmPoint.png Doubles the amount of berries gained from harvesting a ripe plant in the plot it is applied to
Surprise Mulch.png Surprise Mulch 150 FarmPoint.png Increases the chance of berry mutations by 50% in the plot it is applied to
(can be empty or occupied)
Amaze Mulch.png Amaze Mulch 200 FarmPoint.png Increases all berry effects on a plot: growth and mutation rate boosted by 25%,
harvest boosted by 50%
Berry Shovel.png Shovel 300 FarmPoint.png Clears an occupied plot instantly (no yield)