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In-Game image of the Greatball.
Price 500 PokeCoin.png
Location Lavender Town, Ecruteak City, Slateport City, LilyCove City, Veilstone City, Virbank City, Opelucid City, Lumiose City, Poké Mart

The Greatball is a type of pokéball. It automatically tries to catch a wild Pokémon after defeating it if is the highest type of pokéball active and there is a remaining supply in the pokéball selector.



A better pokéball to capture Pokémon with, it provides a +5% catch rate bonus.


Location Cost
Lavender Town 500 PokeCoin.png
Ecruteak City 500 PokeCoin.png
Slateport City 500 PokeCoin.png
Lilycove City 500 PokeCoin.png
Veilstone City 500 PokeCoin.png
Virbank City 500 PokeCoin.png
Opelucid City 500 PokeCoin.png
Lumiose City 500 PokeCoin.png
Poké Mart 500 PokeCoin.png