Item Magnet

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Item Magnet
Bag Item Magnet Sprite.png
Artwork of the Item Magnet.
Price 1,500 PokeCoin.png
Location Lavender Town, LilyCove City, Veilstone City, Poké Mart


The Item Magnet is a type of battle item. It temporarily increases the player's chance of gaining an extra item by 50% for 30 seconds.


+50% Chance of gaining an extra item from dungeon chests, and increases the chance of getting an item from Pokémon that drop rare held items.


Location Cost
Dungeon Drop Random
Lavender Town 1,500 PokeCoin.png
Lilycove City 1,500 PokeCoin.png
Veilstone City 1,500 PokeCoin.png
Poké Mart 1,500 PokeCoin.png