Lucky Egg

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Lucky Egg
Bag Lucky Egg Sprite.png
Artwork of the Lucky Egg.
Price 800 PokeCoin.png
Location Pewter City, Vermilion City, Fuschia City, Lilycove City, Veilstone City, Poké Mart

The Lucky Egg is a type of battle item. It temporarily boosts the player's experience for 30 seconds.



+50% Bonus to experience gained


Location Cost
Dungeon Drop Random
Pewter City 800 PokeCoin.png
Vermilion City 800 PokeCoin.png
Fuschia City 800 PokeCoin.png
Lilycove City 800 PokeCoin.png
Veilstone City 800 PokeCoin.png
Poké Mart 800 PokeCoin.png


  • This Lucky Egg shares the same name and design from the official Lucky Egg from the Pokémon franchise, as well as the same basic function, however, in official Pokémon games, it grants the Pokémon holding it 150% more experience than they normally would gain.