Magic Ball

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Magic Ball
Bag Magic Ball Sprite.png
Artwork of the Magic Ball.
Effect Gives a bonus to your catch rate
Unique Pokémon Required 20

The Magic Ball is a type of Oak Item. When equipped, it gives a bonus to the player's catch rate.


Level Effect Upgrade Requirement Upgrade Cost
0 +5% to catchrate 250 captured Pokémon 50,000 PokeCoin.png
1 +6% to catchrate 250 captured Pokémon 100,000 PokeCoin.png
2 +7% to catchrate 750 captured Pokémon 250,000 PokeCoin.png
3 +8% to catchrate 1250 captured Pokémon 500,000 PokeCoin.png
4 +9% to catchrate 2500 Captured Pokémon 1,000,000 PokeCoin.png
5/Max +10% to catchrate N/A N/A


  • The artwork of the Magic Ball shares its design with the Premier Ball from the official games.