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Oak Items are special items either given to the player by Professor Oak or purchasable from shops as they progress through the game. These items act as upgrades to the player's account when equipped.

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Each Oak Item buff different properties in game, and can be upgraded with constant use. Players start out with one slot that can be used to activate an Oak Item. As players catch more Pokémon, more slots are unlocked. They are as follows:

Slot Pokémon
1 20
2 50
3 100


Oak Items are gained by playing through the game and capturing unique Pokémon, with the exception of the Squirtbottle, Sprinklotad, Explosive Charge, and Treasure Scanner, which can be bought from select cities.

List of Items

Name Unique Pokémon Required
Magic Ball Magic Ball 20
Amulet Coin Amulet Coin 30
Poison Barb Poison Barb 40
EXP Share EXP Share 50
Sprayduck New.png Sprayduck 60
Shiny Charm Shiny Charm 70
Blaze Cassette Blaze Cassette 80
Cell Battery Cell Battery 90
Squirtbottle.png Squirtbottle Bought at Goldenrod City for 5,000 FarmPoint.png
Sprinklotad.png Sprinklotad Bought at Mauville City for 10,000 FarmPoint.png
ExplosiveCharge.png Explosive Charge Bought at Cinnabar Island for 5,000 QuestPoint.png
TreasureScanner.png Treasure Scanner Bought at Cinnabar Island for 10,000 QuestPoint.png