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#07 Oran

Nature's gifts came together as one in this Berry. It has a wondrous mix of flavors that spread in the mouth.
Total Growth Time 5m
Harvest Amount 8 berries
Replant Rate 50%
Farm Points Gained 20 FarmPoint.png
Berry Flavors
  • 10 spicy
  • 10 dry
  • 0 sweet
  • 10 bitter
  • 10 sour

Oran is a type of Berry that can be planted in the Farm to obtain Farm Points. It can be obtained as a random drop by defeating wild Pokémon on routes.

Growth Stages
Sprout Taller Bloom Berry
Time passed since planting 2 mins 3 mins 4 mins 5 mins - 10 mins
Ripening Time with Modifiers
Modifier Ripe-Wither Time
None 5 mins -
10 mins
Sprayduck 3 mins 20 secs -
6 mins 40 secs

Flow Chart

Oran Flow Chart.png



Berry berries can be used to mutate the following berries.

Used In With
Persim.png Persim Pecha.png Pecha
Wepear.png Wepear Rawst.png Rawst
Lum.png Lum Cheri.png Cheri
Chesto.png Chesto
Pecha.png Pecha
Rawst.png Rawst
Aspear.png Aspear
Leppa.png Leppa
Sitrus.png Sitrus
Passho.png Passho Chesto.png Chesto
Kelpsy.png Kelpsy

Coba.png Coba