Parfum Palace

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Parfum Palace

A map of Parfum Palace.
Tokens needed 445,000 DungeonToken.png
Location East of Route 6.

Parfum Palace is a dungeon in Kalos. It has 100 tiles arranged in a 10x10 square, including 10 chest tiles, 23 non-boss encounter tiles, and 1 boss encounter tile.

Random Encounters[edit]

Wild Encounter Base Health
Goldeen.png Goldeen
Seaking.png Seaking
Magikarp.png Magikarp
Gyarados.png Gyarados
Corphish.png Corphish
Crawdaunt.png Crawdaunt
Boss Base Health
Furfrou.png Furfrou


Chest Item Chance to Find
Item Magnet Item Magnet 50%
X Click xClick 50%