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#63 Petaya

This Berry is surrounded by mystery. It is rumored to be imbued with the power of all living things.
This power keeps other Berries alive for longer.
Total Growth Time 1d
Harvest Amount 0.5 berries
Replant Rate 0%
Farm Points Gained 15,000 FarmPoint.png
Berry Flavors
  • 30 spicy
  • 0 dry
  • 0 sweet
  • 30 bitter
  • 10 sour

Petaya is a type of Berry that can be planted in the Farm. It can be obtained by having at least one empty plot and at least 1 of every Gen 4 berry on the field.

Growth Stages

Sprout Taller Bloom Berry
Time passed since planting 3 hours 6 hours 12 hours 1 day - 5 days
Aura (Wither Prevention)
Prevents ripe berries from withering

Ripening Time with Modifiers

Modifier Ripe-Wither Time Boost Mulch Needed to Ripen
None 1 day -
5 days
Mulch or Sprayduck 16 hours -
80 hours
192 mulch
Mulch & Sprayduck 10 hours 40 mins -
53 hours 20 mins
128 mulch

Flow Chart

Petaya Flow Chart.png

Mutation Strategy

Possible Planting Formations

You can fill your farm in the following way to obtain Petaya berries. Note that the Occa, Kebia and Colbur can overtake other plants and are placed separately. Kebia and Payapa increase mutation chance and are placed centrally to affect the highest amount of mutation plots. Babiri decreases mutation chance and Rindo expands to open plots, so they are not placed near mutation plots. Wacan, Yache and Haban all affect growth times and are placed at the side with shorter growth time berries to limit their impact and make the timings easier. Purple squares indicate where mutations can occur.

External Timer Timings
Berry Time
Babiri 2h 40m 0s
Yache 5h 20m 0s
Shuca 5h 46m 40s
Charti 6h 0m 0s
Chople 6h 13m 20s
Payapa 6h 26m 40s
Rindo 7h 6m 40s
Colbur 7h 20m 0s
Roseli 7h 33m 20s
Kasib 7h 33m 20s
Occa 7h 57m 20s
Passho 8h 0m 0s
Coba 8h 13m 20s
Chilan 9h 20m 0s
Tanga 10h 0m 0s
Wacan 10h 11m 0s
Kebia 10h 33m 20s

Important notes

Before you start this process, you need to be prepared to spend around 11 hours or more close to your device with Pokéclicker.

  • Using the timings listed in the table to the right will cause all berries to ripen within 10 minutes of each other. Each time stamp indicates when you should plant the berry listed together with it.
  • The timings assume an equipped max level Sprayduck and boost mulch for the whole duration on all berry plots except for the Chilan, Tanga, Wacan, Kasib, and Kebia. Use no boost mulch for the Kasib and Kebia, 5 boost mulch for Chilan and 6 boost mulch for Tanga and Wacan. All boost mulch should be applied immediately on planting. In total, you need 1200-1500 boost mulch to complete the entire process. It is however highly recommended to have at least 1500 boost mulch in your inventory before starting planting, in case of something going wrong.
  • You will need to set 16 simultaneous timers (there are 17 berries to be planted after starting the timer, but two of the berries are planted at the same time). The free website is an excellent resource for setting many simultaneous timers.
  • The timing starts at planting of the first berry. At the exact same time as you plant Haban, start all your timers.
  • Note that there are only three breaks longer than one hour between planting of berries; between Haban and Babiri, between Babiri and Yache, and between Coba and Chilan.
Critical information for when all berries have ripened

After all 18 berries are ripe, the requirements for Petaya to spawn have been fully met. At this point, immediately switch out your Sprayduck for another Oak Item. Petaya can spawn on any of the seven open plots in your farm. The seven empty plots should all be permanently applied with surprise mulch. Note that the three berries planted at the highest row all have the ability to overtake other berries. This means that Petaya can spawn, instantly be overtaken by another berry, and then the entire rest of your farm also runs the risk of getting overtaken. For this reason, it is highly suggested to actively watch your farm at all times when all 18 berries are ripe.

What to do if Petaya doesn't spawn before other berries start dying

The berry that will die first is Wacan — it will die around 1 hour 20 mins after it ripens. This should be enough for you to get a Petaya to spawn, based on a small sample size of anecdotal evidence. If it doesn't, however, you need to replant berries instantly after they die. Chilan, Wacan and Tanga all have growth times shorter than two hours with Sprayduck equipped and boost mulch applied, meaning that even if all three of them die, there is still enough time for you to get several hours more of opportunities for Petaya to spawn.

Timing Table

All planting times use the time-to-ripe remaining of the first planted berry for subsequent planting times
Berry Planting Time with
No Modifier
Planting Time with
Mulch or Sprayduck
Planting Time with
Mulch & Sprayduck
Haban - - -
Babiri 18 hours until ripe 12 hours until ripe 8 hours until ripe
Yache 12 hours until ripe 8 hours until ripe 5 hours 20 mins until ripe
Shuca 11 hours until ripe 7 hours 20 mins until ripe 4 hours 53 mins 20 secs until ripe
Charti 10 hours 30 mins until ripe 7 hours until ripe 4 hours 40 mins until ripe
Chople 10 hours until ripe 6 hours 40 mins until ripe 4 hours 26 mins 40 secs until ripe
Payapa 9 hours 30 min until ripe 6 hours 20 mins until ripe 4 hours 13 mins 20 secs until ripe
Rindo 8 hours until ripe 5 hours 20 mins until ripe 3 hours 30 mins 20 secs until ripe
Colbur 7 hours 30 min until ripe 5 hours until ripe 3 hours 20 mins until ripe
Roseli 7 hours until ripe 4 hours 40 mins until ripe 3 hours 6 mins 40 secs until ripe
Occa 6 hours 6 mins until ripe 4 hours 4 mins until ripe 2 hours 42 mins 40 secs until ripe
Passho 6 hours until ripe 4 hours until ripe 2 hours 40 mins until ripe
Coba 5 hours 30 mins until ripe 3 hours 40 mins until ripe 2 hours 26 mins 40 secs until ripe
Chilan 2 hours 30 mins until ripe 1 hour 40 mins until ripe 1 hour 6 mins 7 secs until ripe
Tanga 1 hour 40 mins until ripe 1 hour 6 mins 7 secs until ripe 44 mins 26 secs until ripe
Wacan 1 hour 3 mins until ripe 42 mins until ripe 28 mins until ripe
Kebia 10 mins until ripe 6 mins 40 secs until ripe 4 mins 27 secs
Kasib 7 mins 21 secs until ripe 4 mins 54 secs until ripe 3 mins 16 secs



Petaya berries can be used to mutate the following berries.

Used In With
Maranga.png Maranga Salac.png Salac