Quest Points

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A Quest Point



Quest points are the green currency and are earned from Quests


Key Items

Cost Key Item
QuestPoint.png100 Dungeon ticket.pngDungeon Ticket
QuestPoint.png5000 Explorer kit.pngExplorer Kit

Evolution Items

Cost Thing Purchasable
QuestPoint.png2500 Fire Stone Fire Stone
QuestPoint.png2500 Water Stone Water Stone
QuestPoint.png2500 Thunder Stone Thunder Stone
QuestPoint.png2500 Leaf Stone Leaf Stone
QuestPoint.png2500 Moon Stone Moon Stone
QuestPoint.png2500 Sun Stone Sun Stone
QuestPoint.png2500 Trade Stone Trade Stone
QuestPoint.png2500 Dragon Scale Dragon Scale
QuestPoint.png2500 Metal Coat Metal Coat
QuestPoint.png2500 Kings Rock Kings Rock
QuestPoint.png2500 Upgrade Upgrade
QuestPoint.png2500 Soothe Bell Soothe Bell
QuestPoint.png2500 Deepsea Tooth Deepsea Tooth
QuestPoint.png2500 Deepsea Scale Deepsea Scale
QuestPoint.png2500 Dawn Stone Dawn Stone
QuestPoint.png2500 Dusk Stone Dusk Stone
QuestPoint.png2500 Shiny Stone Shiny Stone
QuestPoint.png2500 Dubious Disc Dubious Disc
QuestPoint.png2500 Electirizer Electirizer
QuestPoint.png2500 Magmarizer Magmarizer
QuestPoint.png2500 Protector Protector
QuestPoint.png2500 Reaper Cloth Reaper Cloth
QuestPoint.png2500 Razor Claw Razor Claw
QuestPoint.png2500 Razor Fang Razor Fang
QuestPoint.png2500 Prism Scale Prism Scale