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Regions are areas in the world of Pokémon. Each new region introduces a new set of routes, towns, gyms and Pokémon. Pokémon that are not native to a region get a damage debuff, but with each new region entered, this debuff decreases. Furthermore, some region offer unique gameplay elements.


Kanto is the first region and introduces the player to the core gameplay features. There are 151 unique Pokémon to catch and breed. Step by step the player gets introduced to the mechanics of breeding and hatching Pokémon, digging up items in the Underground, growing Berries on the Farm, finishing Quests, the usage of Oak Items, Shards, and Achievements.
By giving Protein to obtained Pokémon the amount of added damage per breeding cycle is increased. Protein becomes available towards the end of Kanto at the Indigo Plateau Kanto.

A unique feature in Kanto is the Safari Zone, where the player can freely move and catch Pokémon with the support of throwing rocks increase the capture chance and feeding bait to decrease the fleeing chance of encountered Pokémon.

Maximum Protein per Pokémon: 5


Johto is the second region where the player can catch another 107 new Pokémon. The newly introduced feature in this region is the damage debuff for non-native Pokémon as well as the breeding queue.
Any non-native Pokémon receives a damage debuff based on the number of discovered regions. Each discovered and visited region after Kanto decreases the debuff by 10%. E.g. if the overall damage of the Pokémon was 10,000 in Kanto, it will decrease to 1,000 in Johto. Pokémon that are native to Johto deal 100% of their damage in Johto. Upon moving to Kanto via the Dock, it is vice versa. Johto-native Pokémon deal only 10% of their damage in Kanto, while the Kanto-native Pokémon deal 100% in their native region.
The breeding queue allows the player to queue up 4 Pokèmon besides the 4 currently breeding eggs. As soon as the Pokémon are queued up, their damage is no longer added to the overall damage of the team until they are either bred and hatched or otherwise removed from the queue.
In Johto the player has the opportunity to get another Oak item to boost the farm.

Damage debuff of non-native Pokémon: 90%
Breeding Queue in the hatchery: 4
Maximum Protein per Pokémon: 10


Hoenn is the third region and the the player can catch another 141 unique Pokèmon here. The player will find the last missing Oak item here and can take the challenge of the Battle Frontier. There is also a Pokémon that evolves based on the current weather here.
In the Battle Frontier the player can take a challenge and win great prizes, including 4 unique Pokémon. It is not neccessary for the progression to Sinnoh to capture these Pokémon from the Battle Frontier. To reach the last prize at stage 386 the player should have a minimum of 1,000,000 attack damage including all shards at maximum. Manual clicks are not possible in the Battle Frontier.

Damage debuff of non-native Pokémon: 80%
Breeding Queue in the hatchery: 8
Maximum Protein per Pokémon: 15


Sinnoh is the fourth region and 120 new Pokémon are waiting to be caught. The player will encounter some Pokémon that only evolve when they are in a certain area. One should pay attention to the hints from the local people. At this stage it is suggested to give maximum protein at least to the Pokémon that are actively being bred.

Damage debuff of non-native Pokémon: 70%
Breeding Queue in the hatchery: 16
Maximum Protein per Pokémon: 20


Unova is the fifth region with 165 new Pokémon to catch. There are lots of dungeons in this region that require a substantial amount of Dungeon Tokens as well as damage. Breeding and hatching Pokémon that are native to this region for several days is quite common at this stage.

Damage debuff of non-native Pokémon: 60%
Breeding Queue in the hatchery: 32
Maximum Protein per Pokémon: 25


Kalos is the sixth region and currently has 78 new Pokémon to catch, breed and hatch. Some currently unobtainable forms will be added in the future. Kalos' gyms and dungeons are quite tough but offer great rewards as well. At this stage it should be easily possible for the player to give every Pokémon the maximum amount of protein.

Damage debuff of non-native Pokémon: 50%
Breeding Queue in the hatchery: 64
Maximum Protein per Pokémon: 30


Alola will be implemented in the future


Galar will be implemented in the future