Relic Castle

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Relic Castle
Relic Castle.png

A map of Relic Castle.
Tokens needed 166,500 DungeonToken.png
Location Unova Route D.R.

Relic Castle is a dungeon in Unova. It has 81 tiles arranged in an 9x9 square, including 9 chest tiles, 21 non-boss encounter tiles, and 1 boss encounter tile.

Pokémon and Dungeon Stats

Wild Encounter Base Health Trainer Pokémon Base Health
Sandshrew.png Sandshrew
Psychic (female).png Psychic Dua Gothita.png Gothita
Sandslash.png Sandslash
Sandile.png Sandile
Baltoy.png Baltoy Psychic (male).png Psychic Low Solosis.png Solosis
Krokorok.png Krokorok
Yamask.png Yamask
Boss Base Health Boss Trainer Pokémon Base Health
Volcarona.png Volcarona
Psychic (male).png Psychic Perry Sigilyph.png Sigilyph


Chest Item Chance to Find
X Click xClick 50%
Item Magnet Item Magnet 50%