Reversal Mountain

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Reversal Mountain
Reversal Mountain.png

A map of Reversal Mountain.
Tokens needed 226,500 DungeonToken.png
Location Unova Route 14

Reversal Mountain is a dungeon in Unova. It has 81 tiles arranged in an 9x9 square, including 9 chest tiles, 21 non-boss encounter tiles, and 1 boss encounter tile.

Pokémon and Dungeon Stats

Wild Encounter Base Health Trainer Pokémon Base Health
Skarmory.png Skarmory
Cyclist (male).png Cyclist Jeremiah Zebstrika.png Zebstrika
Numel.png Numel Cyclist (female).png Cyclist Adalaide Unfezant.png Unfezant
Camerupt.png Camerupt Hiker.png Hiker Markus Gurdurr.png Gurdurr, Crustle.png Crustle
Spoink.png Spoink Backpacker (male).png Backpacker Kiyo Golbat.png Golbat, Swanna.png Swanna
Grumpig.png Grumpig Doctor.png Doctor Derek Swoobat.png Swoobat
Trapinch.png Trapinch Backpacker (female).png Backpacker Kumiko Golbat.png Golbat, Darmanitan.png Darmanitan
Drifblim.png Drifblim Hiker.png Hiker Jared Boldore.png Boldore, Excadrill.png Excadrill
Skorupi.png Skorupi Ace Trainer (male).png Ace Trainer Ray Vibrava.png Vibrava, Camerupt.png Camerupt
Ace Trainer (female).png Ace Trainer Cora Grumpig.png Grumpig, Drifblim.png Drifblim
Boldore.png Boldore Black Belt.png Black Belt Corey Gurdurr.png Gurdurr, Scraggy.png Scraggy, Scraggy.png Scraggy
Battle Girl.png Battle Girl Chan Riolu.png Riolu, Gurdurr.png Gurdurr, Riolu.png Riolu
Woobat.png Woobat Pokémon Ranger (female).png Pokémon Ranger Eliza Banette.png Banette, Golduck.png Golduck
Pokémon Ranger (male).png Pokémon Ranger Lewis Watchog.png Watchog, Camerupt.png Camerupt
Boss Base Health Boss Trainer Pokémon Base Health
Cacturne.png Cacturne
Excadrill.png Excadrill
Heatran.png Heatran*

*Must be Unova Champion to unlock Heatran


Chest Item Chance to Find
X Click xClick 50%
Item Magnet Item Magnet 50%