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Roaming Pokémon are rare Pokémon that can be found randomly while on routes. Each Region has a set of Roaming Pokémon that can be caught. So far, only Mew and Manaphy have no requirements to appear.


For a breakdown of roaming chances on every route, visit the Route Statistics page.

The chance to encounter a roaming Pokémon is 1/8192 for the first route of a region, and increases linearly up to 1/4096 for the last route of a region."First" and "last" here refer to the health of the Pokémon on these routes, not necessarily the order they are unlocked. This means that a route you can 1-shot will always be at least as efficient as a route you can't, so it is recommended to idle on the highest route number you can 1-shot if you need them.

An NPC in each region can inform the player of a specific route in that region where the odds of encountering Roaming Pokémon are tripled. The boosted route changes every 8 hours.


Region Roaming Pokémon Unlock Condition
Kanto Mew.png Mew No current requirement
Johto Entei.png Entei Clear Burned Tower
Raikou.png Raikou
Suicune.png Suicune
Hoenn Latios.png Latios Become the Hoenn Champion
Latias.png Latias
Jirachi.png Jirachi
Sinnoh Manaphy.png Manaphy No current requirement
Cresselia.png Cresselia Clear Fullmoon Island
Mesprit.png Mesprit Clear Lake Verity
Unova Tornadus.pngTornadus Defeat the Opelucid City Gym
Meloetta (aria).pngMeloetta Become the Unova Champion
Kalos Zapdos.png Zapdos Clear the Sea Spirit's Den
Hoopa.pngHoopa Become the Kalos Champion