Shiny Stone

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Shiny Stone
In-Game image of the Shiny Stone.
Price 2500 QuestPoint.png
Location Solaceon Town, Accumula City, Dendemille Town


The Shiny Stone is a type of Evolution Item that is first encountered in the Sinnoh Region.


Pre-Evolution Evolution
Togetic.png Togetic Togekiss.png Togekiss
Roselia.png Roselia Roserade.png Roserade
Minccino.png Minccino Cinccino.png Cinccino
Floette (Red).png
Floette (Orange).png Floette (Red/Orange/White)
Floette (White).png
Florges (Red).png
Florges (Orange).png Florges (Red/Orange/White)
Florges (White).png