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Artwork of the Squirtbottle.
Effect Increases the chance of berry mutations
Unique Pokémon Required 0 (Bought at Goldenrod City in Johto for 5,000 FarmPoint.png)

The Squirtbottle is a type of Oak Item. When equipped, it increases the chance of mutations occurring in the Farm. Unlike most other Oak Items, it is not unlocked by capturing unique Pokémon and instead can be bought from the Johto Berry Master in Goldenrod City. It also requires Farming Points to upgrade instead of Pokédollars.


Level Effect Upgrade Requirement Upgrade Cost
0 +25% to mutation rate 50 mutations triggered 2,000 FarmPoint.png
1 +50% to mutation rate 50 mutations triggered 5,000 FarmPoint.png
2 +75% to mutation rate 150 mutations triggered 10,000 FarmPoint.png
3 +100% to mutation rate 250 mutations triggered 20,000 FarmPoint.png
4 +125% to mutation rate 500 mutations triggered 50,000 FarmPoint.png
5/Max +150% to mutation rate N/A N/A