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Welcome to our To-Do list where we try and keep a track of everything which needs fixing/updating/adding/removing and anything else in any of the pages of the wiki. If you see something that needs to be done on any of the pages, feel free to edit this page and it in the below list or simply drop a message in our Discord and someone else will do it.

We aim to one day have this page empty but it is not so easy unless everyone contributes a little.

Please do not delete the task if done, just write (DONE) before it so that one of the moderators can verify it.

Uncategorized Tasks

  1. PART Wandering Pokémon added to main berry page, consider adding uniquely attracted Pokémon to each berry infobox
  2. Add the amount of Evolution stones needed in each region on its respective regional page, and then on the Evolution Items Page
  3. Add trainers to all Hoenn and Unova Dungeons. Also add trainers to Dungeons
  4. Write the specifics of how breeding efficiency is calculated

Categorized Tasks

These task are also put together with like tasks so multiple tasks on one page can be done by 1 person all at once rather than multiple people over a long period of time because of misplaced information.

Page Creation is the creation of an entire page, and then adding all the information, adding lots of images to pages, or just large undertakings of fairly blank pages. Finishing Touches is for pages that are missing a small bit of info, or need to have a few images uploaded to them. Updating is for pages that were afflicted by the most recent update of the game, and thus have to be checked for informational inaccuracies. Formatting is for pages that would need to have their infoboxes changes, the way the information is display, or the general aesthetic changed.

Page Creation

  1. PART Created Pokemon Day Care page, needs image of the Hatchery modal and revisions/additions to the text.
  2. Add an Infobox to Pokemon Day Care displaying an image of the in game Hatchery
  3. Create Achievements page. Include all unique achievement types.

Dream tasks

These tasks are so long and such low priority that it is more of a dream to complete them.

  1. PART Flow Charts created for most berries. Need Kasib, Colbur, Apicot, Lansat, Starf, and Enigma ideas + diagrams
  2. add battle item type template for other pages in these headings, "Key items", "shop of each region" and any more that can be put under same big heading.
  3. add Shiny Variants to the normal Pokémon and a way to swap between the images. This is something that's up to debate, as there's little use for it other than being something for us to do.
  4. in each region's page, add a walkthrough-like flowchart (preferably in text format) showing what unlocks what as a player progress on map.

Completed tasks awaiting moderators

  1. DONE in Quests Page, add the value of the Mine Items Quest, it's location where the value can be found is noted on the page.
  2. DONE Add the Quest EXP gain system, and the required Quests to reach each level.
  3. DONE Upload High Resolution images for DNA Splicers and Shard Case, update images on each respective Key Item page.
  4. DONE Fix Wobbufett's uploaded image
  5. DONE create a Key Items page listing all key items of the game.
  6. DONE in Lum, elaborate the "Strategy and important notes" section of the page.
  7. DONE Update Baby Pokémon for Unova Pokémon
  8. DONE Update Shards for Unova gyms
  9. DONE Update Events for Santa Snorlax Event
  10. DONE Add Unova roamers to Roaming Pokémon
  11. DONE Add Unova egg Pokémon to Egg
  12. DONE Add Unova gyms to Gyms
  13. DONE Add Unova NPCs to NPCs
  14. DONE Add Unova shops to Shops
  15. DONE Ensure all berry page infoboxes have a berrydex index in them
  16. DONE Check and fix Egg Cycles, Attack Cycle, and Egg Steps for Gen 6, 7, and 8 Pokémon in List of Pokemons with attack (Note: This is due to the latest breeding patch)
  17. DONE Add alternate forms and event exclusive Pokémon to List of Pokemons with attack
  18. DONE Add Catch Rate column to all tables in List of Pokemons with attack
  19. DONE Unova Page created
  20. DONE Add Unova Towns and cities to Towns & Cities
  21. DONE Update all region route lists for optimal shard farming as of version 7.0.0
  22. DONE Deleted the second Item Magnet to make it just say Item Magnet instead of Item Magnet Item Magnet in Battle Frontier page in the upgrades section
  23. DONE Create all Unova dungeon pages
  24. DONE in Babiri page, add the aura effect
  25. DONE in Petaya page, add the aura effect that while this berry is ripe, it prevents all nearby berry from dying.
  26. DONE in Events page, ad more details about what events are and what we look for in planning new events if someone wanna propose any idea
  27. DONE Create Template:Infobox egg and add to all egg pages
  28. DONE Create Template:Infobox evolution item and add to all evolution item pages
  29. DONE Add Unova purchase locations to all item pages
  30. DONE Add Unova routes to Route Statistics
  31. DONE Add to Pokédollar page, preferably detailed information like Dungeon Tokens.
  32. DONE Add somewhere that egg steps in the Battle Frontier are the square root of the stage number
  33. DONE Add Unova Protein efficiency table
  34. DONE Add Unova to Dungeon Tokens
  35. DONE add a growth table for each berry timings with maxed sprayduck or boost mulch equipped, they both give same boost so only one table will show time for both conditions (see example page Roseli)
  36. DONE add a growth table for each berry timing with both maxed sprayduck and boost mulch active (see example page Roseli)
  37. DONE Write how many total boost mulch each berry need to have the boost active with boost mulch alone (see example page Roseli)
  38. DONE Write how many total boost mulch each berry need to have the boost active with both boost mulch & maxed sprayduck (see example page Roseli)
  39. DONE add timing table for berries that need multiple berries to be ripe at the same time (see example page Roseli)
  40. DONE make Berry Master page better, its too blank and raw right now.
  41. DONE in Underground page, add a infobox on right showing the underground, update the efficiency section image with new underground image.
  42. DONE Add the Cover and Plume Fossil underground tile images (in block format like the other fossils) to Fossils
  43. DONE in Type and shard effectiveness page, the "practicality" section of the page need a clearer text explanation.
  44. DONE Add images of Pokémon before their names in these pages
  45. DONE In underground page, add what Pokémon's drop Moon stones.
  46. DONE update Shops page to show new oak items
  47. DONE in Sprayduck page, the cost of lvling is not berries and should be changed to "harvested Plots".
  48. DONE Add new Burmy forms and Unown forms to List of Pokemons with attack.
  49. DONE For Berries 9-20 add the purple color (example Roseli) to the planting diagram.
  50. DONE Update Underground Images
  51. DONE Update Shards Images
  52. DONE Update FAQ.
  53. DONE Check all Dungeons pages to make sure HP values are correct. Hoenn and Sinnoh need fixes
  54. DONE (Low priority) in Starf berry page, in the planting formation section, make it so that the 2 empty plots are somewhere in middle and also mention that getting passho before starf might be a good idea. Can go a step further and mention that harvesting a starf surrounded by 8 passho+rich mulch gives 8 starf berry yield.
  55. DONE Add encounter weights to every Dungeons All Encounter weights are approximately the same for each dungeon, this rate was added to Dungeons under "How to Clear"
  56. DONE in Underground page, in the heading Upgrades, add a single line description of what each upgrade does when purchased.
  57. DONE in Underground page, in the heading Items, add a small description of what is "held item drop"
  58. DONE Add trainers (and images of trainers which are uploaded already) to every Dungeons.
  59. DONE in Towns & Cities page, write which city is on what route preferably in a table
  60. DONE Shard Case page created, needs to be formatted in the same way and use the same templates as the other Key Items. See Wailmer Pail for referenceformat.
  61. DONE Remove Efficiency in Underground page as no efficiency is workable after update v0.7.4. [New Efficiency Created]
  62. DONE Underground page, in the heading Items, the Mine layout column is no longer completely true as items can appear rotated, so either remove the column or add layout for all possible rotation of the items. [Designated that they could be rotated]
  63. DONE Add Solaceon Ruins to Dungeons.
  64. DONE add the Cost to Oak Items that are Purchasable.
  65. DONE Add an Infobox to Shards displaying an image of the in game Shard Case
  66. DONE Add a list of all the berries in each berries which need that berry for mutations. Such as list all berries that need Razz berry to mutate in the Razz berry page.
  67. DONE Add all the egg images next to their respective Pokémon in the List of Pokemons with attack page
  68. DONE check every page that use PokeCoin.png and make the image appear after the amount.
  69. DONE Add Kalos to the Towns & Cities page
  70. DONE Sachet - page created
  71. DONE Whipped Dream - page created
  72. DONE Added Kalos locations to Evolution items
  73. DONE NPC page - Kalos added
  74. DONE Roaming Pokémon page - Kalos added
  75. DONE Dock page - Kalos added
  76. DONE Towns & Cities page - Roamer NPCs & missing dungeons added
  77. DONE Gyms page - Kalos added
  78. DONE Starf requierements updated
  79. DONE Make a proper Regions page, listing and giving brief info of all available regions.
  80. DONE Create Pokéball Bag, Coin Case, Town Map, and Teachy TV Key Item Pages. (Format the same as Wailmer Pail
  81. DONE Rare hold items should have drop chances added to the side of each item, along with the item magnet boosted chance (This is up to debate on the Wiki-General because of the effect it may have on the page look)
  82. DONE Make the Johto Page like all the other regions, or vice-versa.
  83. DONE Add how long for weather to change and for the roamer person to change the route they talk about
  84. DONE Add acquisition table to all Evolution Items (Accomplished on new Evolution Items consolidated page)
  85. DONE Added health of Pokémon at each reward level in Battle Frontier, did not add further levels or base attack approximations
  86. DONE Add Flabebé Blue and Yellow to Berries