Trade Stone

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Trade Stone
In-Game image of the Trade Stone.
Price 2500 QuestPoint.png
Location Fuschia City, Castelia City


The Trade Stone is a type of Evolution Item that is first encountered in the Kanto Region.


Pre-Evolution Evolution
Graveler.png Graveler Golem.png Golem
Kadabra.png Kadabra Alakazam.png Alakazam
Machoke.png Machoke Machamp.png Machamp
Haunter.png Haunter Gengar.png Gengar
Karrablast.png Karrablast Escavalier.png Escavalier
Shelmet.png Shelmet Accelgor.png Accelgor
Gurdurr.png Gurdurr Conkeldurr.png Conkeldurr
Phantump.png Phantump Trevenant.png Trevenant
Pumpkaboo.png Pumpkaboo Gourgeist.png Gourgeist