Treasure Scanner

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Treasure Scanner
Artwork of the Treasure Scanner.
Effect Randomly multiplies uncovered items in the Underground
Unique Pokémon Required 0 (Bought at Cinnabar Island in Kanto for 10,000 QuestPoint.png)

The Treasure Scanner is a type of Oak Item. When equipped, it provides a chance to multiply mined items in the Underground. It only starts taking effect upon fully uncovering an item. After duplicating an item, it activates again, providing another chance to reward the same item. This can happen a maximum of three times, potentially giving four of the same item after uncovering one. Unlike most other Oak Items, it is not unlocked by capturing unique Pokémon and instead can be bought from the Cinnabar Island shop in Kanto.


Level Effect Upgrade Requirement Upgrade Cost
0 4% duplication chance 20 Mined Items 50,000 PokeCoin.png
1 8% duplication chance 20 Mined Items 100,000 PokeCoin.png
2 12% duplication chance 60 Mined Items 250,000 PokeCoin.png
3 16% duplication chance 100 Mined Items 500,000 PokeCoin.png
4 20% duplication chance 200 Mined Items 1,000,000 PokeCoin.png
5/Max 24% duplication chance N/A N/A