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The Underground
Location Kanto


The Underground is unlocked when you purchase the Explorer Kit located in Cinnabar Island Shop. It also has its own currency called Diamonds Diamond.svg that can be used to purchase upgrades for the Underground or Masterball at the Pokémon League. For more information about the Underground, open it by clicking on it after you purchased the Explorer Kit and click on the Help tab.


Upgrade Explanations

  1. Max Energy - Increases the maximum energy of the player
  2. Max Items - Increases the maximum amount of items that can spawn on a layer
  3. Min Items - Increases the minimum amount of items that can spawn on a layer
  4. Energy Restored - Increases the amount of energy regained by the player on each energy regeneration
  5. Energy Regeneration Time - Decreases the amount of time between each energy regeneration
  6. Daily Deals - Increases the amount of daily deals offered
  7. Bomb Efficiency - Increases the number of tiles destroyed with each bomb
  8. Survey Cost - Decreases the cost of the Survey ability
  9. Survey Efficiency - Increases the amount of tiles mined by Survey ability
  10. Larger Underground, +1 Max Item - Increases the Underground by two columns and two rows (1 on each side of the rectangle), Also increases the maximum amount of items that can spawn on a layer by one

Upgrade Table

Upgrade Effect/lvl Max Lvl Cost Total Cost Max Effect Total at Max Lvl
Max Energy +10 Energy 10 50*lvl 2,750 Diamond.svg +100 Max Energy 150 Max Energy
Max Items +1 Item 4 200*lvl 2,000 Diamond.svg +4 Max Items 7 Max Items (8 with Larger Underground Upgrade)
Min Items +1 Item 4 500+1500*lvl 11,000 Diamond.svg +4 Min Items 5 Min Items
Energy Restored +1 Energy 17 100*lvl 15,300 Diamond.svg +17 Energy Restored 20 Energy Restored
Energy Regen Time -1 second 20 20*lvl 4,200 Diamond.svg -20 Seconds 40 Seconds per Restore
Daily Deals +1 Deal 2 150*lvl 450 Diamond.svg +2 Daily Deals 5 Daily Deals
Bomb Efficiency +2 5 50*lvl 750 Diamond.svg +10 Bomb Efficiency 20 Bomb Efficiency
Survey Cost -1 5 50*lvl 750 Diamond.svg -1 Survey Cost Survey Cost 10
Survey Efficiency +1 4 100*lvl 1000 Diamond.svg +1 Survey Efficiency 5 Survey Efficiency
Larger Underground, +1 Max Item +1 1 3,000 3,000 Diamond.svg +1 Underground Size, +1 Max Items +1 Underground Size, +1 Max Items


  • Note: Some Items can be dropped by Wild Pokémon as "Held Item Drops" in addition to being found in the Underground. These Items can also be rotated in any direction.
Item Mine Layout Reward Held Item Drop
Fossils See Fossils Page Pokémon
FireStone.png Fire Stone FireStoneMine 0-7-3.png
WaterStone.jpg Water Stone WaterStoneMine 0-7-3.png
ThunderStone.jpeg Thunder Stone ThunderStoneMine 0-7-3.png
LeafStone.jpg Leaf Stone LeafStoneMine 0-7-3.png
MoonStone.jpg Moon Stone MoonStoneMine 0-7-3.png Cleffa.pngCleffa,Clefairy.pngClefairy,
SunStone.png Sun Stone SunStoneMine 0-7-3.png Solrock.pngSolrock
Mine Flame Plate.png Flame Plate ShardPlateMine.png
Each Shard Plate is 4x3
100 Fire Shards
Mine Splash Plate.png Splash Plate 100 Water Shards
Mine Zap Plate.png Zap Plate 100 Electric Shards
Mine Meadow Plate.png Meadow Plate 100 Grass Shards
Mine Icicle Plate.png Icicle Plate 100 Ice Shards
Mine Fist Plate.png Fist Plate 100 Fighting Shards
Mine Toxic Plate.png Toxic Plate 100 Poison Shards
Mine Earth Plate.png Earth Plate 100 Ground Shards
Mine Sky Plate.png Sky Plate 100 Flying Shards
Mine Mind Plate.png Mind Plate 100 Psychic Shards
Mine Insect Plate.png Insect Plate 100 Bug Shards
Mine Stone Plate.png Stone Plate 100 Rock Shards
Mine Spooky Plate.png Spooky Plate 100 Ghost Shards
Mine Draco Plate.png Draco Plate 100 Dragon Shards
Mine Dread Plate.png Dread Plate 100 Dark Shards
Mine Iron Plate.png Iron Plate 100 Steel Shards
Mine Pixie Plate.png Pixie Plate 100 Fairy Shards
Max Revive.png Max Revive MaxReviveMine.png 4 Diamond.svg Diamonds Linoone.pngLinoone
Rare Bone.png Rare Bone RareBoneMine.png 3 Diamond.svg Diamonds Cubone.pngCubone,Marowak.pngMarowak,
Dwebble.pngDwebble, Crustle.pngCrustle
Icy Rock.png Icy Rock IcyRockMine 0-7-3.png 2 Diamond.svg Diamonds N/A
Everstone.png Everstone EverstoneMine 0-7-3.png 3 Diamond.svg Diamonds Geodude.pngGeodude,Roggenrola.pngRoggenrola,
Revive.png Revive ReviveMine.png 2 Diamond.svg Diamonds Zigzagoon.pngZigzagoon
Heart Scale.png Heart Scale HeartScaleMine.png 10 Diamond.svg Diamonds Luvdisc.pngLuvdisc
Heat Rock.png Heat Rock HeatRockMine 0-7-3.png 2 Diamond.svg Diamonds N/A
Star Piece.png Star Piece StarPieceMine.png 5 Diamond.svg Diamonds Jirachi.pngJirachi,Meloetta (aria).pngMeloetta
Light Clay.png Light Clay LightClayMine.png 2 Diamond.svg Diamonds N/A
Hard Stone.png Hard Stone HardStoneMine.png 4 Diamond.svg Diamonds Graveler.pngGraveler,Golem.pngGolem,
Odd Keystone.png Odd Keystone OddKeystoneMine.png 6 Diamond.svg Diamonds N/A
Damp Rock.png Damp Rock DampRockMine.png 2 Diamond.svg Diamonds N/A
Smooth Rock.png Smooth Rock SmoothRockMine 0-7-3.png 2 Diamond.svg Diamonds N/A
Iron Ball.png Iron Ball IronBallMine.png 2 Diamond.svg Diamonds Mawile.pngMawile
Oval Stone.png Oval Stone OvalStoneMine.png 3 Diamond.svg Diamonds Chansey.pngChansey,Happiny.pngHappiny,


To find Underground items most efficiently, follow the format below, mining odd rows first:

Odd rows:  1 X 1 X 1 X 1 X 1 X 1 X 1 X 1 X 1 X 1 X 1 X 1 X 1
Even rows: X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X