Victory Road Hoenn

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Victory Road Hoenn
Victory Road Hoenn.png

A bird's-eye view of Victory Road Hoenn.
Tokens needed 37,000 DungeonToken.png
Location North of Ever Grande City.

Victory Road Hoenn is a dungeon in Hoenn. It has 49 tiles arranged in a 7x7 square, including 7 chest tiles, 17 non-boss encounter tiles, and 1 boss encounter tile.

Pokémon and Dungeon Stats

Wild Encounter Base Health Trainer Pokémon Base Health
Zubat.png Zubat
Cooltrainer (male).png Cooltrainer Albert Magneton.png Magneton, Muk.png Muk
Golbat.png Golbat Cooltrainer (female).png Cooltrainer Hope Roselia.png Roselia
Goldeen.png Goldeen Cooltrainer (female).png Cooltrainer Shannon Claydol.png Claydol
Magikarp.png Magikarp Cooltrainer (male).png Cooltrainer Samuel Swellow.png Swellow, Mawile.png Mawile, Kadabra.png Kadabra
Whismur.png Whismur Cooltrainer (female).png Cooltrainer Julie Sandslash.png Sandslash, Ninetales.png Ninetales, Tropius.png Tropius
Loudred.png Loudred Cooltrainer (female).png Cooltrainer Dianne Claydol.png Claydol, Lanturn.png Lanturn
Makuhita.png Makuhita Cooltrainer (male).png Cooltrainer Felix Medicham.png Medicham, Claydol.png Claydol
Hariyama.png Hariyama Cooltrainer (female).png Cooltrainer Caroline Skarmory.png Skarmory, Sableye.png Sableye
Aron.png Aron Cooltrainer (male).png Cooltrainer Vito Dodrio.png Dodrio, Kadabra.png Kadabra, Electrode.png Electrode, Shiftry.png Shiftry
Lairon.png Lairon Cooltrainer (female).png Cooltrainer Michelle Torkoal.png Torkoal, Medicham.png Medicham, Ludicolo.png Ludicolo
Mawile.png Mawile Cooltrainer (male).png Cooltrainer Mitchell Lunatone.png Lunatone, Solrock.png Solrock
Meditite.png Meditite Cooltrainer (female).png Cooltrainer Halle Sableye.png Sableye, Absol.png Absol
Medicham.png Medicham Cooltrainer (male).png Cooltrainer Edgar Cacturne.png Cacturne, Pelipper.png Pelipper
Barboach.png Barboach Cooltrainer (female).png Cooltrainer Katelynn Gardevoir.png Gardevoir, Slaking.png Slaking
Whiscash.png Whiscash Cooltrainer (male).png Cooltrainer Quincy Slaking.png Slaking, Dusclops.png Dusclops
Boss Base Health Boss Trainer Pokémon Base Health
PKMN Trainer (wally).png PKMN Trainer Wally Altaria.png Altaria
Delcatty.png Delcatty
Roselia.png Roselia
Magneton.png Magneton
Gardevoir.png Gardevoir


Chest Item Chance to Find
X Attack xAttack 50%
Lucky Egg Lucky Egg 50%