Victory Road Unova

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Victory Road Unova
Victory Road Unova.png

A map of Victory Road Unova.
Tokens needed 326,500 DungeonToken.png
Location Unova Route 23

Victory Road Unova is a dungeon in Unova. It has 81 tiles arranged in an 9x9 square, including 9 chest tiles, 21 non-boss encounter tiles, and 1 boss encounter tile.

Pokémon and Dungeon Stats

Wild Encounter Base Health Trainer Pokémon Base Health
Poliwag.png Poliwag
Ace Trainer (male).png Ace Trainer Billy Golurk.png Golurk, Sigilyph.png Sigilyph
Onix.png Onix Ace Trainer (female).png Ace Trainer Jamie Drifblim.png Drifblim, Claydol.png Claydol
Marill.png Marill Psychic (female).png Psychic Alia Lampent.png Lampent, Musharna.png Musharna
Roselia.png Roselia Psychic (male).png Psychic Al Metang.png Metang, Cofagrigus.png Cofagrigus
Altaria.png Altaria Veteran (male).png Veteran Claude Braviary.png Braviary, Carracosta.png Carracosta
Banette.png Banette Veteran (female).png Veteran Cecile Mandibuzz.png Mandibuzz, Archeops.png Archeops
Buizel.png Buizel Ace Trainer (female).png Ace Trainer Chandra Darmanitan.png Darmanitan, Tangrowth.png Tangrowth
Basculin (Red-Striped).png Basculin (Red-Striped) Ace Trainer (male).png Ace Trainer Beckett Whimsicott.png Whimsicott, Unfezant.png Unfezant
Ace Trainer (female).png Ace Trainer Shelly Swoobat.png Swoobat, Lilligant.png Lilligant
Basculin (Blue-Striped).png Basculin (Blue-Striped) Veteran (female).png Veteran Cathy Sigilyph.png Sigilyph, Crobat.png Crobat
Doctor.png Doctor Logan Clefable.png Clefable
Boldore.png Boldore Backpacker (female).png Backpacker Mae Sawsbuck (Spring).png Sawsbuck (Spring)
Ace Trainer (male).png Ace Trainer Pierce Swanna.png Swanna, Ampharos.png Ampharos
Cottonee.png Cottonee Veteran (male).png Veteran Abraham Gigalith.png Gigalith, Skarmory.png Skarmory
Ace Trainer (female).png Ace Trainer Shanta Heatmor.png Heatmor, Galvantula.png Galvantula
Petilil.png Petilil Ace Trainer (male).png Ace Trainer Webster Durant.png Durant, Ferrothorn.png Ferrothorn
Pokémon Ranger (male).png Pokémon Ranger Eddie Electabuzz.png Electabuzz, Probopass.png Probopass
Tranquill.png Tranquill Pokémon Ranger (female).png Pokémon Ranger Elle Magmar.png Magmar, Camerupt.png Camerupt
Veteran (male).png Veteran Hugo Fraxure.png Fraxure, Zweilous.png Zweilous, Flygon.png Flygon
Unfezant.png Unfezant Black Belt.png Black Belt Martell Pinsir.png Pinsir, Heracross.png Heracross
Battle Girl.png Battle Girl Chalina Throh.png Throh, Sawk.png Sawk
Gurdurr.png Gurdurr Ace Trainer (male).png Ace Trainer Elmer Zweilous.png Zweilous, Eelektross.png Eelektross
Ace Trainer (female).png Ace Trainer Caroll Fraxure.png Fraxure, Vanilluxe.png Vanilluxe
Leavanny.png Leavanny Veteran (female).png Veteran Portia Zebstrika.png Zebstrika, Sawk.png Sawk, Starmie.png Starmie
Veteran (male).png Veteran Sterling Beartic.png Beartic, Throh.png Throh, Golurk.png Golurk
Boss Base Health Boss Trainer Pokémon Base Health
Golurk.png Golurk
Druddigon.png Druddigon
Terrakion.png Terrakion
Audino.png Audino


Chest Item Chance to Find
X Click xClick 50%
Item Magnet Item Magnet 50%