Viridian Forest

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Viridian Forest
Viridian Forest.png

A map of Viridian Forest.
Tokens needed 50 DungeonToken.png
Location North of Viridian City, on Route 2.

Viridian Forest is a dungeon in Kanto. It has 25 tiles arranged in a 5x5 square, including 5 chest tiles, 13 non-boss encounter tiles, and 1 boss encounter tile.

Random Encounters

Wild Encounter Base Health Trainer Pokémon Base Health
Caterpie.png Caterpie
Bug Catcher.png Bug Catcher Rick Caterpie.png Caterpie, Weedle.png Weedle
Metapod.png Metapod Bug Catcher.png Bug Catcher Doug Weedle.png Weedle, Kakuna.png Kakuna, Weedle.png Weedle
Weedle.png Weedle Bug Catcher.png Bug Catcher Anthony Caterpie.png Caterpie, Caterpie.png Caterpie
Kakuna.png Kakuna
Pidgey.png Pidgey Bug Catcher.png Bug Catcher Charlie Metapod.png Metapod, Caterpie.png Caterpie, Metapod.png Metapod
Pidgeotto.png Pidgeotto
Boss Base Health Boss Trainer Pokémon Base Health
Pikachu.png Pikachu
Bug Catcher.png Bug Catcher Sammy Weedle.png Weedle


Chest Item Chance to Find
X Attack xAttack 43%
X Click xClick 43%
Lucky Incense Lucky Incense 14%