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Weather is a game mechanic reflecting atmospheric conditions that affects Pokémon attack values of certain types. It changes every four hours and certain weather conditions can only occur in specific Regions. Weather also restricts the evolution and in-route availability of certain Pokémon.


The table below is accurate as of version 0.6.8.

Weather Description Type modifier(s) RNG weight Region
Clear.png Clear The weather is clear and pleasant. None 30 All
Overcast.png Overcast Clouds fill the skies. None 20
Rain.png Rain It's rainy and humid. Water x1.1 10
Thunderstorm.png Thunderstorm It's currently raining heavily with thunder. Water x1.1, Electric x1.1 5
Sunny.png Sunny The sunlight is strong. Fire x1.1, Grass x1.1 10
Snow.png Snow It's cold and snowing. Ice x1.05 5 Johto onwards
Hail.png Hail It's cold and hailing. Ice x1.1 3
Blizzard.png Blizzard A howling blizzard blows. Ice x1.2, Fire x0.9, Grass x0.9 2
Sandstorm.png Sandstorm A sandstorm is raging. Rock x1.1, Ground x1.1, Steel x1.1 10 Hoenn onwards
Fog.png Fog The fog is deep... Ghost x1.1 10 Sinnoh
Windy.png Windy Mysterious strong winds blow. Flying x1.2, Dragon x1.1 1 None

Pokémon affected by weather

Weather-dependent evolutions
Pokémon Evolution Required weather
Cherrim (overcast).pngCherrim (overcast) Cherrim (sunshine).pngCherrim (sunshine) Sunny
Sliggoo.pngSliggoo Goodra.pngGoodra Rain, Fog
Weather-dependent route encounters
Pokémon Required weather Route
Castform.pngCastform Clear, Overcast, Sandstorm, or Windy Hoenn 119
Castform (sunny).pngCastform (sunny) Sunny
Castform (rainy).pngCastform (rainy) Rain or Thunderstorm
Castform (snowy).pngCastform (snowy) Snow, Blizzard, Hail, or Fog